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Cheap holiday destinations for Travel from India

By Jithu

Did you know that you can travel pretty well for about 25 € a day in some places around the world? If you have always had the question of how are people able to travel for months until they return home, this is the answer you were looking for. There are many people today who seek cheaper destinations for their holidays or to live for a while, the beauty of life is to enjoy and learn about other places, other cultures and other ways of thinking.


If you want a cheap holiday this is the first destination you should keep in mind, many of you will wonder, "Hey, Thailand? Is not it supposed to be a destination that is becoming very touristy and each year will be a little more expensive? "To see, it is true that Thailand is increasingly more focused on luxury tourism and mass, but that does not mean you lose your award as a backpacker country par excellence. If you avoid spending all the time in the most tourist places like the southern beaches (Samui, Krabi or PhuKet) and are willing to discover really interesting areas as may be the north of the country, sure you can travel very cheaply. Take a night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for about 15 € and then you will realize how affordable it can be in Thailand, it is true that you will not have much beach as in the south, but will still being able to enjoy incredible places and wonderful people, and well, tourism in northern Thailand is something that is doing quite famous. Undoubtedly northern Thailand is much cheaper than the south in case of both food and accommodation.


In the top 2 of the list of destinations to travel cheap is Indonesia with Bali as the main tourist destination of the country which consists of lots of islands to visit each day, the perfect place for a vacation low cost, if you just stay close to Kuta Legion (beach areas near the airport), will surely find the same prices as in Western countries, these places by rule attract surfers. There are areas with impressive nightclubs, shelters built specifically for this type of tourism and shops of well-known brands in the surfing world. There are also cheaper places to visit like the Lombok island of Sumatra, but beyond these places the more adventurous traveler can find tons of areas that are still untouched by tourism and enjoy an authentic Indonesian life.


One of the best places in the world for mountain trekking , which is very popular among the liveliest, despite the distance on the routes of the Himalayas backpackers can find many teahouses or field stop along the way to eat , sleep or rest. It is home to eight of the ten highest peaks in the world and is a great choice for those who want a more adventurous trip, also can choose to relax in Kathmandu as it is a favorite to many tourists.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka would be the closest thing to paradise you could find on earth, can live in this city at a really cheap price and enjoy all it has to offer. Tourism is booming in this country that is making its way slowly in the guide books. Srilanka is incredibly popular around the world for its mild climate, its unspoiled corners and relaxed lifestyle. A room in Sri Lanka can be booked as low as 6 € per day and the rest of the budget at your disposal and you will discover an amazing country. You also get fitness based food and natural treatments in Srilanka.


This country rank 2nd in Southeast Asia, in terms of its tourist arrivals. One of the most beautiful places in the world, known for its tropical islands and wildlife. Malaysia is a multicultural, Asian and great development potential place and is one of the cheapest destinations for travel.

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