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Srilanka , some facts

By Jithu

About Srilnka

Srilanka is an island ( Earlier it  is known as “ Ceylon “)in indian ocean and is very near to Tamilnadu state in india . Talaimannar in srilanka is just 40 km ( Water distance )away from Dhanushkodi in india .

Srilnka and India are sperated by Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait. As per hindu Purana , there was a land bridge in this area , which connects India and Srilnka

Area of Srilnak is 65,610 Square kilometer and around 20.5 million people are leaving there ( as on 2013 ). Srilnak having a length of 435 km and 225 km width at its extreme points .

2524 mtrs from sea level is the highest elevation in srilanka and  is Pidurtalagala in central area.( 2695 mtrs is the height of Anamudi in kerala which is the most elevated point in Kerala , India .

Sri Jayawardenepura kotte  is the present official capital of Srilanka , which is situated just outside the Colombo city and is a well known satellite city.

Anuradhapura was capital city of Sri lanka for 1400 years starting from 380 BCE


On feb 14, 1815 , british occuppied Kandy ( second kandyan war )  and entire Srilnka ceded to the British empire. At last Srilnka became an independent nation on  February 4 , 1948 after somany struggles and strikes.

First prime minister of Ceylon was Mr D S SENANAYAKE

Around 70% people are believing in Budhism and others are believing in Hinduism Muslim and Chrstianity  .

From 2010 Srilanka tourism became most popular and became a hot tourist spot . Number of tourists visitng srilanka increased by 3 times from 2010 to 2014.Arounf 18 Lakh Foreign tourists visited Srilnka in the year 2015 where it was 15 lakh on 2014. In 2015 ,  3.16 lakhs Indians visited Srilanka .

May and june month are seems to low traffic tourist season with a reduction of 30% than in season.

Bandaranayake international airport at Katunayake , near Colombo is the Major port of arrival and 99% tourists are reaching through this port. 1% tourists coming thorugh port of Galle.

30% Of tourists reaching here stays 4 to7 nights , where 30% staying for 8 to 14 nights .

Average stay of an indian tourist in srilnaka is 7 nights


Nuwara eliya is situated at a height of 1868 mtrs from sealevel where Kandy is only at 500 meters



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